Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, Monday

can't trust that day.

I actually trust Mondays, love Mondays. And I'm looking forward to this one. Here's a cheerful weekend wrap-up, probably a welcome respite from the doom and gloom around here of late.

Our neighbor K made this beautiful swing frame for Sophie. She is in heaven under the tangerine tree once again.

I made this butterfly cake for a little girl's birthday:

Vanilla Cake with White Frosting

and I made this ladybug cake for the little girl's sister's birthday:

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting
Red Fondant

I sat on two blazing hot ball fields:

That's Henry playing catcher

and I didn't take a photo of Oliver playing flag football, but it was hot:

We saw the movie Moneyball, which I highly recommend. Brad Pitt did such a great job in the movie that I actually loved learning about baseball and statistics. I'm not kidding. And I'm not crazy for Brad Pitt or anything (right now it's Ryan Gosling that I'm a tad obsessed with):

So here's a photo of Ryan Gosling, because that's really where I've been heading this entire post:

Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee
That Monday evening you would still be here with me.


  1. Love that pic and swing, wow your neighbor is amazing. Beautiful cakes. Beautiful men. Monday, argh. I will try to embrace it.

  2. That swing frame is gorgeous, along with the kids and the cakes and the men. This Monday will be better than usual!

  3. I'm with you on RG ... did you see Crazy Stupid Love? Must see. So Moneyball -- do you think my 10 and 12 year old will be bored by the stats part? They want to see it.

    That swing is amazing. Amazing.

  4. Ryan Gosling is nice enough, but your boys will be the real catch. You are clearly raising two caring human beings. They are so solicitous of Sophie. And beautiful Sophie looks like that swing is a dream. Can you tell i love that photo of your kids?

  5. Love that swing.

    I'm so looking forward to seeing that movie. I'm such a sucker for baseball movies.

    The cakes look so great. xo

  6. Look how long beautiful Sophie's legs have become! Look at those boys! Angella is right about how you are raising them.
    I don't know. Ryan Gosling just doesn't do it for me. I think as I age I need some oldness about the face. This is probably appropriate.
    Those cakes are works of art, my dear. Thanks for the pictures. I love seeing your life, so far away.

  7. HOw do you do it with the cakes? Wow! How do you find the time?

    Loved the swing. What a beautiful gift.

  8. I will have that song in my head now for a while. Thank you.

    I am so pleased you had this sunny weekend.

  9. LOVE that ladybug cake. I'm a big fan of ladybugs. And a big fan of you having a good weekend, too... so glad.

    Ryan Gosling, not so much - but I loved him in Lars and the Real Girl. Did you ever see that?

  10. The cakes are amazing, but oh my heavens, could we just talk about Ryan Gosling some more? He had me at Half Nelson. Really.

  11. My daughter's good-looking PE teacher has a small role in Moneyball. My daughter and her friends giggle and blush when they talk about "Coach"-- funny how quickly a group of fifth grade girls can become obsessed with baseball and baseball stats.

  12. Swing - amazing. Cakes - outrageous. I think I need to do some catching up in the Ryan Gosling department - I don't think I've ever seen him in anything. God, I'm backward.

  13. I have a neighbor who looks a lot like Ryan Gosling, and this neighbor is a rare books dealer. But he's married -- sigh.

    My son has been trying to talk me into going to see Moneyball, and although I admit to having a difficult time drumming up any enthusiasm for it, your recommendation is another in a string of recommendations....

    Beautiful cakes there, Elizabeth!

  14. Hip hip hooray for Sophie's swing!

  15. Never heard of Ryan Gosling before, but the swing is great (what a wonderful neighbor!), and the cakes fantastic - especially the ladybug.

  16. Swing, Sophie, Boys, Cakes...lovely! Brad ick. Ryan ok. I;m more of a Sam Elliot type of gal myself.



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