Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things I've Never Done

1. Voted for a Republican

2. Traveled to England, Scotland or Wales

3. Smoked a cigarette

4. Seen a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it

5. Cheated on a test or shoplifted

6. Gotten so drunk that I passed out

7. Been born again and baptized in a river

8. Attended a gun show in Georgia

9. Seen a giant Buddha statue in Thailand

A buddha statue located at the Royal Grand Palace

10. Eaten liver and onions

11. Watched a pro football game and enjoyed it

12. Worn thigh high boots or had the desire to wear thigh high boots

13. Used the expression "making sweet love" except in a mocking way

14. Seen the planet from the window of a rocket ship

15. Discovered a way to stop Sophie's seizures

16. Told anyone to go fuck themselves

17. Loved my insurance company (this so naturally followed #16)

18. Hacked a path through the jungle

19. Seen Bob Dylan, my musical hero, in concert or just out and about

20. Given birth vaginally

I was inspired by Gretchen at Second Blooming to make this list, and I could have gone on forever. It appears that I've got to get busy and do some of these things -- or not!


  1. Some of them you might not want to do, but some of course are just waiting to be completed.

  2. You can live vicariously through me, as I have done 8 of your 20. But perhaps, you may not want to on a few of them. I'll let you try and figure out which ones....

    Fun little post my friend.

  3. Though it was many decades ago, I remember liver and onions actually being quite tasty! With mashed potatoes. And peas.

  4. Things I have Done That Elizabeth Has Not:
    2.traveled to England
    10.eaten liver & onions
    16.told someone to go fuck themselves
    20.given birth vaginally

    No regrets.

  5. I've never done most of those things either except eat liver and onions (yum). I could have eaten them in England but didn't. Otherwise, I'm pretty much the same as you. Let me know what you might be ticking off your list and I'll give it some thought--except voting republican.


  6. I'm really big on #16, it's like purging my soul.

  7. Heh-heh. Never voted Republican. Me either. If someone identifies him or herself as a Republican, I know I can't agree with them. Simple as that. Is that awful?
    And what is the point of thigh-high boots anyway?

  8. Heather, here's my guess for you:

    #1, 3, 4, 6, 11, 16, 20, -- and I'm not sure whether it's #2 (I hope) or #5 (I hope not!)

  9. Love your list! I'll have to think about mine.

  10. I have not voted Republican or Democrat as I am Canadian and our Parties are Conservative, Liberal and New Democratic Party. I always vote the latter. It is a "working man's" party that believes in fair wages and Universal Health Benefits.
    I have told someone to fuck off but I don't remember specifically saying go fuck yourself. Because really, that could could be fun given the use of machinery.

    Great list. I may use this idea.

  11. Love this idea and getting to know you better. Can't agree with you on 4,5,6, 16, and 20.

  12. I like a list like this .... It's easier to come up with cool stuff

    I haven't done ten of the same things you haven't done :)

  13. I'm thinking #16 might be in order (as per #17). Strangely, I have done 9 of these things, though I don't think I'll share exactly which. How is it that you have never seen Dylan, when I have seen him in concert THREE times. Oh that's right, you're not married to Jimmy.

  14. Hmm... I'm sure I've done #1 because I don't vote party lines, I vote on individuals.

    Other than that, yes on 2 (except Scotland), 3, 4, and 11.

    #6: I haven't passed out, but I did get sick (asian = no alcohol dehydrogenase = huge headache).

    I'm 44, have no kids, and absolutely no desire to be pregnant, much less give birth!

  15. I am way too short to pull off thigh high boots. I might as well wear tights. Plus, heels that tall would equal broken ankle for me.

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday. Gretchen is the best.

  16. whoa. i've done way too many of some of these things and not enough of others...and will never do at least
    one of them: #1

  17. Awesome post. I have done 9 of these things.

  18. I could tell someone to "go fuck themselves" if I had those boots on.

  19. I loved reading your list - it made me smile. Thank you for that! Hugs to you from rainy Poulsbo.

  20. I've done 6 of those things. I wish I could have done #16 today. :-)

    Love this idea - may steal. Love your list.

  21. you've never eaten an onion? like, you've never munched on a whole raw onion? or you've never eaten liver with onions?
    i find your answer #10 unsettling. are you sure you're of italian descent? :):)

  22. Well, I'm 8 for 20 - am not sure how I feel about the thigh highs. It seems like one of those things that might be fun, just to say you did it, but the actual wearing thereof.... maybe on Halloween. Next year. When I'm 20# thinner.

    I do HIGHLY recommend #16.



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