Monday, October 10, 2011

It's 2:00 in the afternoon, Pacific Coast Time, and I've had nothing to say here all day.

Are you relieved?

I woke up this morning, got my boys ready for school and out the door, dealt with Sophie and her 45-minute long cluster of spasms (I swear to God, the girl can seize for literally an hour and then sit right up and get on with her day) during which I alternately prayed, cursed, meditated and sipped coffee. That's how I do it. I then drove The Girl to school and felt enormous relief and a bit of guilt at how enormously relieved I felt that she was gone, out of my hands and into the very capable and far more cheerful ones of Renita, the Saint. When I got back home, I finished the dozens and dozens of cupcakes that I started making yesterday and last night, boxed them up, delivered some to The Husband's Mistress and then drove to Santa Monica to deliver to a client. The client's office was lined with giant posters of all the movies and television shows he had produced and the various Emmys and Golden Globes he had won. It was very impressive and since everyone who worked inside looked to be about sixteen years old, I didn't feel intimidated. After all, I'm a middle-aged baker with a husband who has A Mistress, a daughter who can have epileptic seizures every single day for over sixteen years and two sons who know baseball statistics but can't remember to feed the dog every morning, a dog who I took to the vet and who cost me approximately $349 in meds, shots and examination fees. What's there to be intimidated by?

Still, the sun is shining brightly in Los Angeles and my garden looks fantastic. I'm excited to see that the very last tomatoes look ripe, so as soon as I pick them, I'm ripping out that scraggly, ugly thing and planting Swiss Chard, Spinach and other delectable veggies.


  1. Your garden is beautiful and so are you. And your cupcakes sound divine -- express some to me? ;)

  2. You are WOMAN and I've just heard your ROAR!!


  3. Your garden looks so warm...and like it smells delicious (is that lavender)?

    And I'm sure I missed something along the way (because I am generally a flake)...if my husband had a mistress I would not be delivering her any damn cupcakes (but like I said, I'm sure I missed something obvious and late to the party).

  4. silverfinofhope -- You are a tad late to the party! The Mistress is my husband's business -- scroll down my sidebar for more information! But I must admit that I get a real blast of pleasure having some people imagine that I am so casual about an alternative lifestyle! :)

  5. Dear silverfinofhope,

    My husband knows the Mistress well. She is beautiful and inviting and he says, down right delicious. I am okay with it, as Elizabeth's husband frequents her daily, where as mine, only occasionally see's her when he feels the urge.Scroll down the side bar and you will be enlightened.

    You are amazing Elizabeth and that you are my friend,is such a gift to me.*

    * Just couldn't resist the response to the above commenter

  6. Crap ... you got in before me!!!

  7. Elizabeth- I imagine pressing your cheek to mine. I think it would be so very soft and would smell of cake and tomatoes and warmth and lavender and everything, every thing a woman should smell like.
    I would close my eyes and I would love you.

  8. arms around you. let's just sit together for a spell and let the world spin while we catch our breath.

    love you.

  9. While people sailing in "our" boats have few relatively uneventful days..those fleeting moments of respite allow the sun to shine a little bit brighter!

  10. L.A. Woman, L.A. Woman
    L.A. Woman Sunday afternoon

    Yep you guessed it. I just watched When You Are Strange about the Doors narrated by Johnny Depp. This song came to mind!

  11. Ah, the photos! SO California!

    I'm so happy that I found your blog! Love your writing, wish I could eat the cupcakes, and I, too, had that fascinated wonder about The Mistress!



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