Sunday, October 16, 2011

One way to OPEN your eyes is to ask yourself, "What if I had never seen this BEFORE? What if I knew I would NEVER see it again?"

-- Rachel Carson


  1. Such a question. Profound beyond belief. I almost dare not stop to answer while gazing at this image of your daughter and full to the brim with this poem I just now encountered on line and shared with my daughters:

    Thank you, Elizabeth

  2. But it is so hard, isn't it? to put our story down and let the world speak for itself.

    Loved Elisabeth's poem.

  3. I love this photo of Sophie walking, and the quote is a good reminder. Thank you!

  4. So moving to see this, Elizabeth. My sister, Marla, whose life (so long ago) was so much like Sophie's and whose physical appearance was so much like Sophie's, used to wear her hair in braids exactly like that, and so for a moment...
    And then the quote.
    Overwhelmed with emotion.

  5. Each day I try hard to think this way. Every day of my trip with my daughter I watched with eyes fully open, senses reeling in fully the experience.

    I loved that photo of Sophie by the way.

    *as an fully

  6. Just beautiful E.

    Yes, to hold moments in time and hold them forever ....

  7. That picture makes me smile -- those beautiful braids (and a beautiful mom who braids them!).

  8. Those words. That girl. I just love your heart, Elizabeth.

  9. The depth of this, photo and words together, is astounding.



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