Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hitting the floor, not the fan

That would be shit.

This is going to be a shit-filled post, so click off if you can't take the shit.

It rained in Los Angeles today -- actually, it didn't just rain. It poured. Los Angeles doesn't take to rain very well, and it was a shitstorm.

See where this is going?

When the boys and I opened the front door into our living room, we nearly stepped into a huge pool of dog shit. Dog diarrhea. There was some sympathetic gagging, but I managed to clean it up and prevent my poor, frail sons from doing the job themselves.

Sophie's bus pulled up just as I put the mop down, so I walked outside to help her off and escort her inside. On the way back, I stepped into some dog shit on the sidewalk and muttered Shit under my breath.

The rain was coming down in buckets, but I managed to get Sophie onto the porch and just as I walked through with her, she went down in a huge shi-- seizure.

I swooped her up and literally threw her seizing body over the side of the couch and yelled Shit!

You really can't make this shit up.


  1. Holy f*#@%ing shit.
    I hope a rainbow hits your place soon.
    Have a little beverage when things settle down.

  2. Oh shit.
    When it shits, it shit-pours.
    That's another bad design flaw- shit. Couldn't we just have been designed to live on the ether, on sunlight and farted moonbeams?
    No. To be alive is to shit.
    To be a mother is to clean it up.
    I love you.

  3. I'm so sorry you've had such a sh*tty day. I hope tomorrow will be better. xoxo

  4. Oh, God. Those days. The good news is, you've hit your shit quota for a bit. Tomorrow ought to be filled with rainbows and butterflies.

  5. Ugh. That's one hell of a shitty morning. With you in spirit, sending hugs.

  6. That is some serious shit. I hope you had yourself some sort of alcoholic beverage this evening, tho not a Shitini.

  7. Oh yeah. Alcohol is mandatory after that shit.

  8. When all is shit, become a fly.
    ~ Josh Holman

  9. A shit storm indeed.

  10. Brings me back to the days of following shitty little footprints left by Owen to find him *cleaning* his shitty little self.

    He was a shitty shit cleaner.

  11. My first grin of the morning came here:

    "There was some sympathetic gagging, but I managed to clean it up and prevent my poor, frail sons from doing the job themselves."

  12. Holy crap : (
    Haven't been by your blog in a while. Hope the days are not so shitty. You always make me laugh and think and click and click and click around to see what you're up to on your blog and in your life. xo, M

  13. Seriously....I know these days. I came home from work on Monday and went in to the bathroom and there was a turd on the floor. No not dog...our dog leaves elephant piles. Where did the turd come from? Did it roll out of pants or diaper? Why did no one notice it? How long had the lonely little turd been waiting? You are right. You can't make this stuff up.

  14. This reminds me of Forrest Gump. Shit Happens.

  15. The only good thing about shit is that mushrooms grow on it and i've had some crazy teas in my life made with that shit.

  16. when it rains, it pours.



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