Friday, May 22, 2009

The Unbalanced

In our house, there are several words and expressions that are considered "bad." These include:

1. Stupid
2. Shut up
3. Taking the Lord's name in vain or the big bad curse words.

I've restrained myself the last few days and ordinarily don't want to make politics a part of my blog, but I just can't resist.

Today, I unfolded the paper to a HUGE photo of Dick Cheney on the cover, right next to the President.

This is what I want to say:


And now, for some more coherence on the matter, you can read this by clicking HERE!, written by an extraordinary, relatively politically conservative writer.


  1. "Stupid" and "shut up" were verboten in my house, too, and I am so thankful to my mom to this very day for making those rules. I still don't swear regularly, and "shut up" will always sound vulgar to my ears. We also didn't say "busted" ( broken was correct) or "cops" (police was correct!) or even say PEE ("use the restroom" was correct)...but then...I'm an antique....*haha!* Most people, I've found, do say "pee".

    YOU ARE AWESOME for doing your kids this favor!
    * : )

  2. all the "s" words are barred at my house too ... unless it's the Dad who's talking.

    I think it's interesting how far right the republican party now has to go to find a spokesman. All the middle grounders have long since fled. SNL should be funny this week.

  3. I laughed like a loon when I saw this card last week and sent it to a couple of people I know. Coincidentally, I was just telling my husband this morning how aggravated I was at myself. I confess to being a bit of a potty mouth and I blame my 14 years in the military for most of that. I had recently made a conscious decision to drop the word "douchebag" from my vocabulary because it was coming out of my mouth too often (usually whenever I was watching the news or reading about it). Last night I was reading a (Lit)blog that I've grown to dislike because it's so snotty and pompous, but I'm a masochist and read it now and then anyway. The most recent post was an open letter to a well known author which was (needless to say) snarky and non-complimentary. So I fell off the douchebag wagon.

    What's wrong with me!?

  4. Lisa, I actually hesitated before putting this card up with the post (along with the whole post) mainly because I HATE the word douchebag and have never actually used it in conversation. I'm a saint, right?

  5. LMAO (oop) Elizabeth - great post!! I totally agree - great card.
    I have a preschool at home and the word thing is huge - along with potty language. You suck, you are poopoo, who farted...yikes. On the weekends - sadly I seem to have less control - need a.. not so nice word jar. The big bad cuss words - get sentences or extra chores. Have a great weekend hon!

  6. This is so funny: we have always had those same standards here. Unfortunately, once Katie was diagnosed with cancer, I immediately started to think of the tumor as "that f*cker," and things sort of went downhill from there, for me, in the language department. We gave Katie permission to use swear words about the cancer, too.
    I confess that I do swear now, but I always say, "Pardon my language." Not a good example for a teenage son, do admit, but there it is. Sometimes there just isn't a better, more descriptive word available.

  7. and honestly, douchebag is a pretty fantastic word. I have made an effort recently to use it more!

    Great post, E.

  8. Stupid is a forbidden word in our house. I'd much rather hear shut up - but that one is frowned upon also!

    Douche- bag is one of those words that is so perfectly offensive!

  9. It's interesting that "douchebag" has come into widespread usage again. My 1972 college rommmate used it constantly. We sensitive liberals seem top be the ones offended at such language. Back in 1973, when the Nixon tapes, with all the "expletive deleted" references came out, my wife Kathleen predicted the end of the Nixon presidency. While right-wingers would tolerate the Watergate burglary and cover-up, they couldn't forgive Nixon for his language. Her prediction turned out to be right. Kathleen's Law of Conservative Outrage doesn't apply anymore, as shown by Cheney a few years ago, when he suggested the senator from Vermont perform an impossible act. He received little criticism from the right



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