Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Are you okay?

Gilroy, CA

That was the message I got, over and over, via text and email and comments on the blog right after I posted that photo of myself that I agree, in retrospect, looks sad. How wonderful this blogging community is -- how loved and cared for and watched over we are, each to the other.

I am okay.

I really do need to go back to yoga, though, and plan on doing so this Saturday. Why is it that we drop the things we know we need to do, let them slide, get lazy, forget the essentials and are then sort of freaked out when we go back, knock ourselves upside the head -- why, why am I so dumb to have let this go? Maybe I should speak for myself -- maybe you are diligently chanting and exercising, releasing stress hormones, doing positive affirmations and a gratitude journal practice, having sex twice a day or twice a week (twice a year?) and don't know what the heck I'm talking about. I've instituted another news black-out -- this one prompted by all the mayhem and insanity in Israel (and don't ask me to defend Israel's "right to protect itself" or Hamas' insane rocket launching because I think it's all, all madness) and then the plight of the Central American children in Texas and California (how vile are the people that "want America back?" or who claim we can't accept these children). I sound like a doddering liberal fool, don't I? We're all so ineffectual, aren't we -- all talk and rant and rave as if it will change one bit of what goes on in this crazy world.

I don't have any answers but only opinions and that doesn't get anyone anywhere. But I'm okay, so thank you for asking.


  1. I think this is the reason I rant so little these days- why waste the energy?
    Still, some days, one must dust off the soap box.

    I am glad you are okay. Yes, yoga will be good. I tell myself I should do it every day. Do I? No.

    Humans are flawed individuals, as Jimmy Buffett pointed out. I am one of them.

  2. Good for you for going back to yoga. Every time I pass my old yoga studio (maybe 4-5 times/week), I wonder if I will ever go back. Went for a year, twice a week,then hurt my hip in class, know. That's pretty much healed after a year and a half off. As for news, I feel my body tense up before I tune in to any of it. Maybe doing yoga while watching the news is the answer. I'm glad you're okay, even though the world is just...not.

  3. I am very much out of it news wise. It all sounds bad. The only thing I was aware of was the "super moon" last week. Which I blissfully missed while sleeping off 9 time zones. My vote is to forgo yoga for a daily pain au chocolat with a double espresso. Oui?

  4. I'm glad you're okay.

    I don't listen to the news, hardly ever.

    I do yoga at home with Yoga With Adriene and I love her with all my heart.

    I also believe in pain au chocolat. Want to hear a pun?

    The French are so hardcore, they eat pain for breakfast.

  5. Another doddering liberal fool who forgets to exercise but remembers to look out the window a lot and, occasionally, realizes that in any situation taking the high road is not a bad choice. I avoid all issues. Glad you're okay. xo

  6. I'm glad you're OK! Though I didn't see the previous post as overtly alarming. I completely agree about Israel and the Middle East. The whole situation is such an intractable mess. All hail doddering liberal fools!

  7. Elizabeth, your craving for yoga reminded me of your terrific post describing your maiden swim in your local pool not long ago (something about a limp noodle, I remember). Have you been back there lately? I can't get through a day without my laps; they're pure prozac.

    C. and I are still working our way through "Bridge to Terabithia" but digressed today for a taste of "Anderson's Fairy Tales" (Scholastic version) - beautiful.

    But "Tuck Everlasting" still stands alone. How is "Eleanor and Park"?



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