Sunday, July 20, 2014

I couldn't call it a day without replacing those raptor-headed women on the previous post with these lovely children

Home from camp for less than 24 hours, Oliver was already outside in our yard, watering the lemons and vegetables. We have a serious drought going on, if you hadn't heard, and we're obeying water restrictions. That's why our lawn looks so awful. I wish I could enlist someone to do a complete overhaul of our front and back yards -- make them drought resistant. Maybe we'll do it ourselves in a grand, homeschool-style effort this fall.

Henry and I went to see the movie Boyhood the other evening and then took a bunch of photos on the top of the Arclight Cinemas parking garage. The glorious sunset helped to mitigate the obliteration I felt watching the film. It was incredibly beautiful and interesting, and I haven't gotten around to writing a three-line movie review, but I will. Here's what the sky looked like:

And here's Henry's hand in the sky:

I'm going to miss those boys. They're leaving tomorrow for a trip to my parents' house in Atlanta and then onward to Hilton Head Island. We've been joking all night on when they might catch sight of a person carrying a gun -- legally -- in either state. Good Lord. I will join them for a few days next week, but this house is going to be quiiiiiiiiieeeeettttt, for sure.


  1. A quiet house and a quiet heart - both are good things in their time

  2. Just this brief mention of Boyhood reminds me that I need to go see it!

  3. I'm looking forward to your movie review. I'd love to know if it's OK to take my 13 year old daughter to it (I'm sure my 16 year old would be fine).

  4. I look forward to the beach and cousin pictures when you join them in a few days. I know you'll miss those beautiful boys but it's lovely they do this annual family jaunt.

  5. Your children are beautiful. All of them, each in his or her own way. I cherish that we get to share in their growing up, their comings and goings.
    Henry's hand against the sky.
    Just amazing. Thank you.

  6. I love your photos, just as poignant as your writings. I hope you get some good R&R. Will be anxious to hear all about the brother's adventures. Henry's hand/fingers...there's a lot to see in them.



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