Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Forgetting Rain

I'd almost forgotten what rain is like in the late afternoon -- what it sounds like coming down through the moss of the live oaks, the sun shining even as thunder rolls. The devil is beating his wife.

The temperature doesn't drop so much down here in the south, even when it rains, but there is relief all the same.

These days are "vacation" to me, but to the children, they are rich in mayhem and chaos. Their happiness and obvious enjoyment of one another is beautiful. 

I hope it rains again today.


  1. Some of my best memories are the rainy days at the cottage when we played board games with the Cousins and ate popcorn and laughed until we wet our pants. Enjoy the vacation!

  2. I love this post, Elizabeth. It's sublime.

  3. Cousin time is the best. I just had a get-away with 5 of mine, pure heaven.

  4. Ah...Hilton Head Island...and you seem to be off the beaten path of it a little bit. We used to drive up and hit the beaches up there since there were a little bit more palatable than the Savannah beaches (that was a while ago, things may be different now), but with that came the commercialism of the resorty area.

    There were pockets though. You look like you are in one of the pockets. Very nice. I miss Savannah. Not the weather, though. Why a Californian vacations in Hilton Head in late July boggles the mind and the senses.

    I might head North.

  5. I love everything about this. There is nothing like rain or cousins.


  6. I'm enjoying lots of rain -- both environmentally and familially (is that a word?) -- here in Florida as well!



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