Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Black Out

1942 World War II poster

Out of respect to my sanity and very possibly yours, I'm going on a news sabbatical. This means no rants or raves except for an occasional one when I feel it's warranted. You know -- the kind that keeps me sane. I'm not checking my Facebook page, either, until things calm down.  Sign me up for any glitter bombing of Hobby Lobby this weekend in Burbank or fight the power chanting, though. You know where my heart lies.

If you care to join me, leave a comment here and not on Facebook. There will be eating, drinking and conviviality up the wazoo. Some care-giving is involved, but that would be for those of us who do it, apparently, in perpetuity.


  1. I guess that glitter bombing would be better than my current reaction, which is to mutter "Oh fuck" every few minutes.

  2. I would so glitter bomb if I were close by. X to the O

  3. Understandable! And glitter bombing makes me think of this photo, which I love:


  4. I think my Facebook hit critical mass of stupid tonight. I need to be done. I'm glad you're here. I want to glitter bomb in Burbank!

  5. Remember what Alexis A. Gilliland says: "Once you remove the absurdity from human existence, there isn't much left." So let's laugh at the absurdity, glitter bomb the Booby Lobby, take our business elsewhere, and appreciate each other and ourselves for surviving, thriving, and still being able to laugh. Good god, what next?!!

  6. I'm quite aghast at Facebook. So I'm reading The Vacationers by Emma Straub and it's sailing me away.



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