Wednesday, July 2, 2014

He's tall and he got a shot

So, Henry had his 16 year old physical today, and the nurse had to stand on a stool to measure him accurately. I won't tell you how tall he is, but he's tall, and the doctor pronounced him a perfect specimen of teenage boy. He also told us that both my boys have two of the thinnest files in his practice, and then we all knocked wood three times. Even the doctor.

I love our doctor -- truly love him. When I moved to Los Angeles, pregnant with Henry and terrified not only of having a second baby (long story, most of which you know) but also of trusting that second baby to the medical world that lay in pieces at our feet, this doctor restored my faith. I said that I wouldn't write any more vaccination posts when I wrote Why I Am Not Irresponsible, A Jerk, A Moron, A Fucker, An Anti-Vaxxer Worthy of Your Contempt with an Addendum in March of this year and I meant it. This isn't a vaccination post. You can know everything you need to know if you go back and read that post. And if you have any questions or want to take it outside, feel free to email me. Henry did receive one shot today, and in lieu of walking around with a great, big piece of plywood, I knocked some more wood. I saw little dots and stars dance before my eyes, the kind I used to see when I was a little girl and was about to faint in church (don't ask me why I used to feel like fainting in church), so I closed them and breathed, let myself feel both horrifyingly rooted to the world and dissociated from all the angst and desire and craving and grasping being alive entails.

That's it, folks. I've got a perfect specimen of a teenaged boy, and I'm proud to have helped to bring him this far in this crazy old world.


  1. I know this was huge. I am breathing with you. And he is indeed a perfect specimen of teenaged boy. Good job mama!

  2. I was always so proud of the slimness of my kids' folders at the doctor too.
    And what do I always tell you?
    You are SUCH a good mother.
    And I mean it.

  3. So handsome. I see you in all of them.


  4. It's such a blessing to have a doctor you love and trust, and a tall healthy teenage boy with a thin file!

  5. A doctor who is not in lockstep is a blessing. Saying a prayer. I think everything will be okay.

  6. Let's hear it for thin medical files! Bravo to you for all you do for all three of your kids.

  7. He is a fine young man, that 16-year old of yours. Well done, both of you.



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