Sunday, July 6, 2014

I kissed my boy good-bye this morning and sent him off to camp for two weeks. Then I drove home with tears in my eyes because, really, he is literally the life force in our family. Oliver is difficult in a myriad of ways, but his difficulties are fantastic, really. I honestly don't know who I'd be without these kids of mine -- each of them in their own unique way -- but I'm certain I wouldn't be better.


  1. Oliver is a force of nature. I hope he has a blast at camp, much as you will miss him.

  2. You nailed it- I wouldn't be better without my kids either. No way, no how.
    Quite frankly, I wouldn't be here at all without them. They have saved me over and over again and continue to do so. In a very literal way.
    I know you're going to miss that beautiful boy but he will come home and all will be well and he will have such a good time at camp.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful,beautiful --
    beautiful boy! JL

    We are indeed better for having them in our lives.
    What fun he will have and so many stories to tell when he gets home.

  4. I cannot imagine who I would be, without our three boys. And that includes the first one, who was stillborn at term. I am eternally grateful and better, for having each of them.



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