Thursday, July 10, 2014

Writing, Witches, Wizards and Monkeys

I've felt strangely -- or not so strangely -- inhibited of late in writing, both online and offline. I'm not a tortured writer, and while I can sure write some drivel, when it's not drivel, it's because the act of writing is as if I am channeling some greater force. I don't even know what I'm doing when I do it, but there are no tears, no sweat, no need to feel agony or pain or complaint. It's not work. To get there, I don't need to cry or sweat or lift weights or complain, either. I am not a tortured writer, even in any wonderful romantic sense.

I've let some voices from the outside, though, creep into my head and inhibit me. They are stern and dismissive and condescending. They're like siblings who push sensitive buttons. When I texted this to my friend this morning, she texted me back that it was as if I had monkeys in my brain. That's it, exactly. I know what monkey brain is in meditation, but this is different. These guys have taken up residence in my brain -- or I've invited them in to stay. I need to kick them out, send them on their way.

Fly, monkeys! Fly!


  1. I took a creative writing course a few years back. The best take-away (for me) was an exercise in writing to/talking to the Voices in My Head that were telling me I wasn't good enough, my writing was pointless, etc. I let "them" write, and then I replied, all in writing, and I told them each and every one to sod off and let me be, that I did not need their approval.

    I have to come back to that exercise frequently as I have not succeeded in banishing their nasty voices utterly...


  2. Maybe my all time favorite movie and boy those monkeys are scary

    I totally get the channeling. It is what it is


  3. See ya, monkeys. Then again, maybe not. Bye-eeee-eee.

  4. Writers don't get blocked, we get shut down by our own internal editors. I hope you can banish yours. They've never very smart.

  5. According to the scriptures: first you welcome the monkeys, then you serve them tea, and then you let go of them...
    If only it was do easy... but at least don't offer them bananas!

  6. If this is your first such experience, you're fortunate. Send
    'em to my house, where they won't even be noticed among the nattering hoards...

  7. I suspect that time will soften the critical voices you're hearing in your head. (For what that's worth, because I know it doesn't help you now...)

  8. I hope the voices leave soon. They are talking gibberish. They have a whole alternate reality. Not just to you, but to me. They've controlled the stories long enough. Throw them out.



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