Monday, July 14, 2014

Lacrosse Mother Re-Cap

Gilroy, CA

We drove home six hours last night, and I collapsed into bed after taking a shower that washed away the grime of sitting through three more lacrosse games in the burning sun up near San Jose. I have to say, though, that the trip was really, really fun. My dear friend Lisa and her son drove up with us, and Lisa and I both agreed that traveling together made it way more enjoyable than it might have been. We even shared a room in the hotel -- pretty hilarious to sleep in a queen-sized bed with your teen-aged son across from your best friend with hers! We slept like four logs.

Henry's team lost both games on the first day and won both games on the second day. During the second game on the first day, he got a few penalties for some infraction or another (as I've told you, I know nothing about the game) and had to kneel in what looked like penance on the sidelines for a few moments. I was sitting in the bleachers, under my green sunglasses and green hat, but I did overhear several of the parents from the other team grumbling about #30 and it's that #30 again!, etc., and felt both chagrined that my son was playing dirty, according to them, and defensive as he really wasn't. I nearly whipped off my glasses to hiss at them but instead squared my shoulders and took notes, in my mind.

I'm becoming a sports mom, ya'll.

This was the team that marched onto the field on the second day:

This was not Henry's team. These boys' had golden helmets that shone in the sun, and I could have sworn they were marching in lockstep. I posted the photo on Facebook and noted that they could have been either a team from Vegas or a team from the movie A Clockwork Orange. Someone commented that they looked like they were from Wonderland, but if you'd seen them in real life, you would have thought scaaaaaaary. Our team, discouraged from the day before's losses, thought they'd be slaughtered, but they rallied and won the game. I screamed in the stands, ya'll! My voice actually got hoarse! Lacrosse is really a beautiful game to watch and thankfully only one hour long. I probably won't ever learn the rules, but I am sort of excited that Henry has thrown himself in so completely.

How was your weekend?


  1. Go team!!!
    Have you and Henry watched the kid's soccer movie Big Green? Very funny. One of our old favorites--though of course, I'm talking 15 years ago. Great scene from the POV of the goalie as the "enemy" team advances.

  2. I think it's so good he is playing lacrosse. You have to wonder that maybe it's a good place to vent aggression. He is so sweet all the time otherwise. Bless him...bless you.

  3. I have yet to see a lacrosse game in person. A lot of Max's buddies have started playing, so I imagine we'll go to a game this year at some point. I'm glad you had a good time with him!

  4. Sooooo glad you had such fun!!! Scream away sports Mama!

  5. Oh, the toast brown hills of California in the last photo! I know the area well, raised two kids in San Jose.
    Your mom-ness shines, Elizabeth! You are so cool!

  6. Is Lacrosse a French word?
    Let's start with the basics here.

    YAY Henry!
    And yay, you, Mama!

  7. you are a supportive and attentive mom. I didn't go on those trips for band and sporting events....just too exhausting for me. But I caught them when they were town.

    And, Gilroy: land of my childhood from 8 years old to 14. Hotter than hell, stinky from the food processing plants, and pretty small town stinkin' thinkin'. I'm trying to come up with some positives, but seem not to be able....

    In any case, I'm glad you had such a good time. And, good job keeping your thoughts to yourself at the game. Don't other parents realize that disparaging any player runs the risk of doing it within earshot of the players parents? Get a clue. Rude.

  8. I love that you screamed from the stands! Why the hell not. Your boy is a beauty and he loves his mama, who is also a beauty in that mama selfie. And in life.

  9. I am glad you are enjoying the lacrosse. My son's number was 30 and his nickname on the team was dirty thirty. Don worry about those other parents their child will get put in the penalty box too. Gail

  10. Lacrosse is a very cool game indeed. As you are undoubtedly aware, it is of Native American origin and to answer Ms Moon's question I do believe it was the Jesuit missionaries in present day Quebec who may have called it "la crosse" referring to the stick used in the game. It is quite popular here in Canada (lots of hockey boys play Lacrosse in the summer) and obviously in the US too. When I saw that photo of the golden helmeted team my immediate reaction was to scream, "Run for your lives!" :)
    Way to go Henry for digging in and winning after two losses. And that handsome young man was given penalties? I cannot imagine it!

  11. I have never watched lacrosse and have only the vaguest idea of the game itself. I know it involves a stick and goals, but that's about it.

    I think you can take a strange sort of pride in the fact that Henry distinguished himself enough that other parents were grumbling about him!

  12. Be thankful the games are only an hour long. I looked up Lacrosse on Wikipedia, having never watched a game myself, and discovered the games used to go on for two or three days.

    Glad you had a good time.

  13. I used to scream and jump at football games until I had babies and "jumping" became synonymous with "peeing". I think these sports events must be one of the more trying things about parenting. I'm glad you had some fun at it.



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