Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Whisky Sour and a Birthday Eve Dinner

Emily, Sylvia, Leah and I have been taking one another out for birthday lunches or dinner for over ten years, now, and tonight they took me to a fabulous new restaurant around the corner called Republique. I got there early and sipped an amazing whiskey sour that had whipped egg whites in it. I know that's standard and authentic, but I'd never had it and can I tell you that that was one outrageous drink? The rest of our meal was outstanding -- we ordered so many dishes that I couldn't begin to remember and do justice to them here. There were salads and sushi and soft shell crab and vegetables tempura and rich pasta carbonara and crusty bread with salted Normandy butter. We laughed and talked and caught up for several hours  and ate so much that we turned down dessert before rolling out and back home.

Thank you, ladies, for a beautiful evening!


  1. Happy birthday to one of the most amazing women I know! I hope you'll keep the celebration going! Much love.

  2. Happy birthday, beautiful, strong, talented, loving woman! I am so glad you were feted. I am so glad you were born.

  3. A good start to celebrating! Happy birthday!


  4. I'm so glad to know you were feted in style. Happy birthday to a fierce wonder!



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