Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gifts, Poetry and Cake

I've had a lovely day -- breakfast with my friend Jenni, flowers from those neighborhood cuties above, and a coconut cake that I bought myself in the late afternoon. Henry surprised me with a card and an apple, carved into a swan.

Who knew?

Oliver gave me the most beautiful blue reclining Buddha. Here it is in front of my friend Moye's gorgeous pottery:

I posted both the apple turned swan and the Buddha on Facebook, and Heather McHugh -- that angel saint poet who gave me the respite week last year and who is the founder of Caregifted -- wrote a comment that is a poem. Honestly, I am in awe and so honored. Here it is:

amazing how much they have in common, the swan and buddha, in these iterations... but though the steadiness of the buddha's eye is to live for, the seediness of the swan's eye is to die for.

Wow. Right?

And then someone left this link on my last post which I believe is perfectly suited to a person who was born in 1963.

So, there you go. Gifts, poetry and cake -- I am rich indeed.


  1. Rich, indeed - as it should be.

    Happy, happy birthday, E !

  2. The swan AND the Buddha are both magnificent. Happy birthday, Elizabeth! :)

  3. Ah- gifts from the heart, gifts from the hand, gifts from the pen.
    Now if I could only give you a gift from the jewelers! That crown you deserve with rubies and emeralds, diamonds and stones of cerulean blue.

  4. That IS a lovely birthday.
    though late for the party again I wish you a
    Happy Birthday Dear Elizabeth!

  5. your boys' offerings are extraordinary and wonderful. as they are.

  6. Whoops. Happy Belated Birthday! Does Oliver watch The King of Random on YouTube? My son does, which is where I've seen that fabulous swan before! We never actually got to the making part, just the video watching part. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday.

  7. Anyone worth knowing was born in 1963.



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