Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of School Traditions

As evidenced by the late hour that this post is going up, I've got nothing for you today. I've got nothing for me today, either, to tell you the truth. It was Henry's first day back to school, and I was the carpool driver, so I picked up two Cookies and Cream milkshakes for him and his friend. They were a welcome sight in the 90 degree plus San Fernando Valley heat, and it's that sort of thoughtful gesture that I believe makes me a good enough mother. Sometimes, we have to pat ourselves on the back, don't we?

No need to respond. These are, after all, the dog days of August.


  1. Anything. ANYTHING at all which we do for someone in the dog days counts.
    I am telling myself that.
    Dang but you are pretty.

  2. My husband used to do much the same thing when he picked up my daughter and her friend from after school activities, he brought them an apple and chips to munch on on the way home. They loved it. You do indeed rock.

  3. I'll pat you on the back until the cows come home.

    Good mom par excellence!

  4. we have another three weeks before school starts. thank goodness!



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