Saturday, August 30, 2014


In case you hadn't heard, California is in a very big drought. We're letting our grass go brown and dead because it's really almost sinful to continue to water it. Even with water restrictions in place, the sight of glossy green lawns makes my stomach turn, and I'm trying not to be moralistic about it. I think about it all day long, to tell you the truth, the drought and the brown lawn and maybe what I'll plant there or do to that space when my ship comes in -- or runs aground, I should say. Despite the drought, I took a shower today that was on the long side and very hot. I was hoping that it might help my cough. I know people don't believe in global warming, still, but maybe they will wake up when all the fruits and vegetables and nuts and grains that California provides to the world wither and dry up, too.

And speaking of heads up nether regions, there's a drought going on here in blog world, too, at least at this blog. I just don't have much to say. I dragged myself to a movie last night with Oliver, my friend and her son, but it was a very stupid football movie. I actually love a good football movie, even though I hate football, but this one was just dumb and sad all around. I can't even remember the name of it -- something about standing tall and proud? Football and the military -- two things that I just don't have the love gene for, I think.

Or maybe I'm just depressed, and if I pulled my own head out of the proverbial nether regions, I'd have felt moved by the story of how football orders some kids' lives who would otherwise have nothing.  Like Eeyore, though, my thoughts run more to the doleful, thinking that those kids are just pawns in a massive and gross money/education/bullshit machine that makes me despair.

A drought of the spirit.

Jeez. This is an unbalanced post, isn't it? How about a poem?

Take Love for Granted

Assume it's in the kitchen,
under the couch, high
in the pine tree out back,
behind the paint cans
in the garage. Don't try
proving your love
is bigger than the Grand
Canyon, the Milky Way,
the urban sprawl of L.A.
Take it for granted. Take it
out with the garbage. Bring
it in with the takeout. Take
it for a walk with the dog.
Wake it every day, say,
"Good morning." Then
make the coffee. Warm
the cups. Don't expect much
of the day. Be glad when
you make it back to bed.
Be glad he threw out that
box of old hats. Be glad
she leaves her shoes
in the hall. Snow will
come. Spring will show up.
Summer will be humid.
The leaves will fall
in the fall. That's more
than you need. We can
love anybody, even
everybody. But you
can love the silence,
sighing and saying to
yourself, "That' s her."
"That's him." Then to
each other, "I know!
Let's go out for breakfast!"

Jack Ridl
via The Writer's Almanac


  1. I bet your mood will improve when you are rid of that virus.
    When we are so very, very dry it makes me anxious. As if someone I loved was ill. Which, I suppose, is the truth of it. There is that sense of dread and of not-rightness. A still sort of dread which nothing can be done about.
    Read that poem yesterday and it struck me hard.
    Try to be easy on yourself, woman. Try to let your body bet well.

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  3. Hi Elizabeth, I don't post that often though I read your blog faithfully. I just want to weigh in and say that when I have a virus it makes me feel weepy and down too, I think that's normal.
    I wish I could bottle up some of the rain and fresh weather that we have in these parts (Canada) to alleviate the drought you are suffering. Actually today it's really hot and sunny out but for the most part the summer here has been kind of "meh."
    I was also wondering about Henry's toe, which you mentioned yesterday. Does he get ingrown toenails? My son suffered on and off for a long time and we tried everything until finally last fall we finally took him for some minor surgery at the podiatrist's office and it was the best decision ever, no more problem (actually, no more toenail on the edges, but you can't even tell). Hope you feel better soon. Viruses are nasty.

  4. I'm down too. Don't have a virus though. Hope you feel better soon. I LOVE poem.

  5. You're sick! It makes perfect sense that you'd be feeling a bit doleful. I hope you're getting better and the shower helped.

    I saw that another commenter mentioned trying to recapture the water from your showers and washing for lawn watering. I have no idea how you'd go about that, but it sounds like a great idea.

  6. What a beautiful poem. Thank you so much. Feel better soon.



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