Thursday, August 21, 2014


It's deeply repellent to me to have gotten a couple of nasty anonymous comments when I tried to express my vague feelings of conflict regarding the ALS ice-bucket challenge, and I am close enough to the disease to not want to become ever more embroiled, so I'm going to delete the posts and exit from Facebook as well. It's also repellent that the posts have driven an enormous amount of traffic to my blog -- way more than usual -- and I don't want to be a part of that, either. In fact, I'm no longer going to have that weird Networked Blogs thing post my blog to Facebook -- if people want to find me, they will, and if I have a message regarding something related to disability, epilepsy or medical marijuana I can easily link it myself. I wish I could delete my entire Facebook account, but there's so much good going on there in the medical marijuana community that I hate to do it. I'm thinking that maybe I should just make it dormant or something for a while? Does anyone know how to do that?

In the meantime, have I told you how much I dislike cats?


  1. You can "deactivate" a FB account. Later, you can re-activate it without losing anything -

    You can also just not go to Facebook, and as you do less there, you naturally become more and more invisible.

    I'm sorry you've experienced what you've experienced. Unpleasant indeed. I hope you stick around, though, but that's just my own bias sneaking in!

  2. You can deactivate your account, which basically saves it frozen in time for when you're ready to return but in the meantime it is not visible to others. You can also block certain people or change the audience of certain posts so only those you select will see them. If you make a list of a group of close friends for example you can then designate certain posts to only be seen by that group of people. You can also arrange it so you only see posts by a certain predesignated group of people. So there's a lot of customization that can be done if you so desire.

    I do not find FB useful or productive for posting my personal opinions, but I know for some that is a good place for them to express and discuss those things. Actually for the most part I don't feel much inclined to share my opinions anywhere, online or off, especially on polarizing topics. Very rare that someone is actually accomplishing much besides preaching to the choir IMO. But then again there are times when people discuss various viewpoints and actually learn and think and are changed by each other, so it can be useful. I just find that it often is not and at times the internet just seems to be full of people blabbing about what they think and nodding their heads at those who agree and wagging their fingers (or should I say "smh") at those who don't. Not referring to you at all, just speaking in general terms of internet, and maybe just human, culture. Of course just expressing oneself can feel good and be useful regardless of how and whether what is said is received by others, so there's that too.

  3. That anonymous commenter is a coward and a bully. Please please don't take it in. This is your blog. You write whatever comes up for you here. And I look forward always to hearing your thoughts about everything, to keeping up with your beautiful kids, to hearing how you do it and when it's just plain too much. And I love your moral courage in speaking up about, well, everything. Please don't let that cowardly commenter spewing bile without the decency to sign a name, get to you. I know it's hard but don't take it in. This is your blog, your space, your house. I am so glad I get to come here. I love you, friend. Rock on!

  4. Although I don't always comment, I read all of your posts. I could have cut and pasted your ALS challenge comments and claimed them as my own. So far, I have not been challenged. I hope that is because people know me well enough not to do so. I hope you will continue to tell it as you see it and let the bullies fall where they may. I don't dislike cats. I just don't want them sneaking about my abode. Dogs are a different story.


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  6. Jen Buzzkill MathisAugust 22, 2014 at 5:15 AM

    I am one of the folks that was directed towards your blog through Facebook. I bookmarked it so I will remember to come back for a visit. Thanks for thoughtfully expressing your point of view. Buzzkill could be my middle name.

  7. Do what you feel comfortable with but by god, don't be backed into a corner by someone too damn cowardly to use their name.
    In Game of Thrones, they would call such a person a "craven." So, in your mind, when Anonymous posts these bitter opinions, just substitute "Craven" for the Anonymous in your mind.
    And by the way, I was honestly thinking of doing a post about how much I love my cat. Haha! And if I do, feel free to tell me what an idiot I am.

  8. 1. Elizabeth, I always know you see the joy in life. Which is one thing I love about your blog.

    2. It's easy to comment anonymously, isn't it? But less easy to put your name to your comments.

    3. Not everyone who comments here agrees with each other 100% and I have seen some thoughtful discussions go on.

    4. If it were me I would probably delete anonymous comments.

    5. XOXO Love to you all.

  9. I completely deleted my Facebook account two years ago because of something similar, and I stick to Instagram now. I think FB itself will go the way of MySpace in a couple more years. I hope your blog stays around forever.

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  11. I am so sorry that this happened! I had an interesting "conversation" with a dear friend yesterday via Facebook that could have been very uncomfortable. Luckily, I took an hour or so to respond to her posts on my page and let my hurt subside before typing. The New York Times article that said people are afraid to post things on Facebook that might cause debate was interesting. I think the bigger problem is that so many people haven't been taught how to have civil discourse and appreciate other perspectives. They are convinced by the media that there is such a thing as a Right and a Wrong side and espouse the notion that if you don't agree with them, it means you're against them. I, for one, will certainly continue to follow your writing.



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