Sunday, August 31, 2014

Continued Squirrel Girl Imperil

So, this morning I walked outside to get in my car and drive the two blocks to CVS in my sexy Mazda to buy a cool mist vaporizer that might help alleviate my and Sophie's terrible coughs that I guess I'll blame on a virus worsened by the incredibly dry air that's accompanying the drought caused by global warming. Did you get that? I was immediately made aware of something angry chittering at me. I looked up, and there she was -- The Mother Squirrel. She stayed on that branch for what seemed like minutes but was probably a few seconds, and the whole time kept up the most angry racket of mutterings and growlings. For a split second I felt terrified, certain that she'd come leaping off that branch like some kind of Monty Pythonesque beast and splay herself all over my guilty face, but then I remembered that as a human, the world is under my dominion***, so I pretended bravado and looked down for a moment to adjust my phone, took the above photo and then attempted an Instagram video as she scampered away. Basically, I got away with a scolding, but I'm certain she was pissed at me for not taking care of her baby. I have no idea whether her baby is even alive, but when I got into my car, my other least favorite animal appeared from under my car -- a big, fluffy black cat -- which makes me a tad suspicious that she was waiting around for another baby to fall from the nest.

In all seriousness, if there's such a thing as karma, this might be a testament to its veracity. Baby squirrels falling from nests, black cats lying in wait, sexy Mazdas  instead of legs, a persistent cough and headache, no rain for eight months -- what does it all MEAN?

***Just kidding. I don't really believe that the world is under my dominion. I was only quoting a very well-known Mormon blogger who years ago poo-pooed global warming with that Biblical imperative.


  1. You know that squirrel was mad.
    Great shot!
    Unfortunately, the world is under our dominion and look how that's turned out.
    Mormon bloggers and pioneer bloggers can make a lot of money! Maybe we should get religion or cows. Then we could buy lots of sexy cars and vans and cute clothes. That would be cool!

  2. Hey there. We have just had a beating rain. I'm sending it your way.

  3. That squirrel has major attitude! I have no idea what it all means but I don't like cats under my car or my feet.

  4. I am obsessed with Mormons. I.just wrote on Donny Osmond's Facebook page accusing him of trying to promote Mormonism on his page. And he or his minions responded! Swoon.
    - Karen

  5. I have been trying to post on your blog for days but it keeps disappearing. Like our rain forests. But I guess the Mormon's can tell me I am wrong.

    Anywho, as you would say...

    That squirrel is mighty pissed off at you! That expression is not one of love. I would suggest keeping everything closed because you know she is going to come into your attic and chew wires. Cute little fucker that she is.

    You probably have already read about Oil of Oregano but when my daughter was small and spent more time in the hospital than out with lingering effects of RSV, oil of oregano did wonders. After a bout with pneumonia she was out of school for 6 weeks and one of her teachers recommended it. She was never in the hospital after that. At least with coughs and lung issues.

    OK, crossing my fingers that this posts!

  6. Poor mama squirrel. She might have been mad at the cat, too. I'm sure she knew it was there, lying in wait.

  7. Did the squirrels cure your drought of the spirit? Next time you feel down pull up some YouTube videos of squirrels (what the hell am I saying?!). Also, I seem to have heard a lot about lingering coughs this summer. Sounds awful. Hope it's better soon.

  8. Well, here's hoping that Mama got it out of her system and she'll leave you alone now. If she pays too much attention to yelling at you, she might not see that cat sneaking up on her...

    I hope the mister did the trick and you are feeling better.

  9. i like our squirrels better. they're small, chocolate brown, and scamper away when they see a human.

  10. OK, so you asked...!

    Since this is your second squirrel encounter, I would say this is a powerful message trying to reach you.

    Squirrels remind us to communicate with those around us. They become most vocal during play or when they feel threatened. This reminds us to express ourselves during social situations using words and communication. If a squirrel is chattering and yipping at you, ask yourself if you are being honest with those around you? Are you letting others know when you feel threatened or uncomfortable?

    On the flip side they also ask us if we are taking enough time to have fun and enjoy family and friends. Are you playing enough?

    They are also a strong reminder that "if there is a will, there is a way." Do not feel defeated but persist even when things are tough. They are about determination, goal setting and not thinking too much about a task but rather breezing right through it in a playful manner.

    For what it's worth...!



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