Friday, August 1, 2014

Riding in Cars with Boys, Part 43

I'm so grateful to have these boys. It's been my experience that boys are -- well -- simple. Today we drove about the neighborhood, doing errands, shooting the shit or breeze or what have you. Hey, Oliver! I said, Who do you want to invite to your poker/blackjack party? Since Oliver got back from camp, he's obsessed with playing blackjack, wants one of those poker sets and in an attempt to keep him happy and engaged with his friends from his old school, I came up with the brilliant idea of a small party. He loves the idea. We can have a bunch of guy food, I added, picturing buffalo wings, chips, something fried. I miss throwing kid parties -- it was something I did with a wild abandon when my three were younger. I'm not kidding. I love a theme, too. What do you think girl food would be, Henry wondered. He might always be thinking of girls. Probably gummy penises, said Oliver, and they both started cracking up while I narrowly avoided swerving into oncoming traffic and screamed.


  1. I love this. It's so REAL, it's funny.

  2. I was describing sons the other day and used the exact same word- "simple." I almost choked on my drink when I read the "girl food" part. Oliver is priceless!

  3. Dang that's hysterical.
    Once when we were riding in the car with Jessie when she was a little bitty thing we were talking about chick flicks.
    "What would boy movies be called?" asked Jessie.
    "Dick Flicks?"

  4. Haaaaaaa! That's awesome. You know they love shocking you. And my limited experience with one child has taught me that a conversation like that is pure proof of their love for you.

  5. My girls were once discussing the seconds fancy chocolate factory and whatever could be sold there. Eden piped up, " What mom, deformed gummy bears?" But gummy penises-Lol.

  6. So, so funny! Your little men are hilarious!



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