Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Communicamp, Summer 2014

So, this is Sophie's fourth year at Communicamp, and the tears flowed from the get-go when all the aides and relatives held up signs to the words to a very schmaltzy pop song during the final ceremonies. The show began with that demonstration -- a demonstration that underscored alternative means to communicate. Many of us did openly weep. But don't get me wrong -- Communicamp is not inspiration porn.

The two women who run it, one a very seasoned special educator, and the other a prominent speech pathologist who specializes in AAC, are the perfect combination of task master and nurturer (each one is a perfect combination). All of the children who come for two weeks to this beautiful spot overlooking the glorious, blue Pacific are severely disabled. Some are in wheelchairs and others can walk, assisted. Some are medically fragile and others are robust. All are non-verbal, though, and each child or young adult is encouraged to communicate and make progress over the two weeks of camp. I've written pretty extensive posts in the past about this amazing program, and you can read or re-read them here and here and here. Oh, and here. Be sure to read that last one because there's a bit of medical marijuana angst there.

Who knew?

I'm sorry to have such crappy photos this year. Don't ask me what happened, but it all looks like a blur.

Ugh. I hate that I didn't get Sophie hitting those switches at the exact right moment, cuing the younger kids to do their thing. She smiled so much during her parts of the show, and I believe really enjoyed herself this year. Compared to yesterday's photos, these pictures look like I was drunk or something. And I wasn't. Honestly. I just can't be perfect all the time. Ha.


  1. Looks just like we're looking through a lens of happy tears. I'm so glad she enjoyed it, and what a wonderful program for her to be involved with!

  2. You can be like Mary Poppins- Practically Perfect In Every Way.
    How's that?
    And Sophie, even hazy, is gorgeous. I'm so glad she got to go to Communicamp again.

  3. Oh Elizabeth, Sophie in that first photo is a vision. Such serenity, almost a mystical quality. She seems so much more present than before, and happier too. And oh she is a beauty.

  4. What 37 Paddington said. The first photo is gorgeous. The rest look as if through a veil of tears--tears of joy.


  5. True, being perfect ALL the time can be exhausting, in and of itself.



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