Saturday, June 5, 2010

The 700th Post

Kim's painting of a Snowy Plover, posted at art in redwagons

First it was Door Number Three, and now this is

MY 700TH POST!!!

But enough of me.

I want to use the occasion, instead, to highlight one of my favorite artist blogger's websites because she is addressing the Gulf Oil catastrophe in a unique way. Kim at art in redwagons is going to begin painting the oil-slicked animals in their natural, wondrous state to remind herself and her children of their possibility. What struck me most about her post today and the introduction to it is her call to do something productive. She states that Americans are too quick to apathy and cynicism and I have to agree. I, when faced with this sort of overwhelming disaster don't know what to think and feel paralyzed to even think about it. I scroll through the terrible images of the dead animals, of the crabs with their oily shells, of the pelicans dragging their wings, of the huge tar balls washed up on the beaches, and the slick shadows making their way through the waters, and I feel sick to my stomach. I listen to the likes of Sarah Palin and her ridiculous band of fools, blaming the environmentalists for the disaster and I feel sick to my stomach. Even typing that out makes me sick to my stomach. I listen to people who live in and around the Gulf moan that what they love is being destroyed, and I do feel for them, feel for all of us.

But I also believe that we are all part of this disaster and that it  is probably the just punishment for a country that has guzzled and eaten and wasted the vast majority of the world's energy sources with an unparalleled arrogance for as long as it has been in existence, at first unknowingly and then baldly, blatantly and lazily.

The animals, the birds, the sea life, the deep and mysterious water itself -- these are the real victims of all of this, the true, innocent victims and I'm not sure what to do, what I can do. I'm going to think about it, though, and try not to feel overwhelmed, try not to feel apathetic and cynical about it all.


  1. ok... 700??? for real?!?!


    I loved your thoughts on this. I feel/think the same, 100%.

  2. Congratulations on your 700th post. And thanks for the link. There is so much talent and heart in the blog world that I am completely overwhelmed by the knowledge that I am missing so much of it.
    This was a major reminder of that.

  3. Congratulations on 700 posts! I wonder how many years it will get me to reach that number.

  4. Congratulations on 700..

    And,just read the previous words really.I try to explain to people how I was in a much darker place when we were in the midst of the seizure monster,than with leukemia.They couldn't comprehend it to be so.Something tells me you do.Happy for a door option.We hit success on or door number 3.We will pray the same for your sweet girl.

    *We see Dr.Shields at UCLA.Do you by chance also?

  5. When I realize who is really responsible for the terrible oil spill disaster, I hang my head in shame because it is me/us. Our demands on the earth are more than it can give. When I think about what I can do, it seems overwhelmingly insignificant--yet, multiplied.......! I'm seriously pondering my role in our future.

    700 posts. Wow! Keep them coming.


  6. you are manna in the architecture of
    the written word.

    for this i thank you...and for so much more.

  7. Congratulations Elizabeth, and thank you!
    Hope we learn something now from this disaster in which we all played a role.

  8. Incredible!! Congratulations indeed.

    I visit Kim , but didn't see this yet.
    She is so talented .

    My husband and I spent the large part of the morning talking about this tragedy. He is a chemical engineer in the water processing and treatment industry. I wanted his take on the dispersants and thoughts in general. ( my son has applied to to the clean up crews, but as a Canadian , I don't know how feasible this is.)

    and I haven't yet posted on your Door 3 post. I am sometimes just speechless. I hope you know that in trying to find the words to convey what I feel , it is sometimes impossible. Which makes me realize that much more how you must go through a myriad of emotions of your own every day. Perhaps hourly. Perhaps by the minute.

    love to you.

  9. Congrats on #700!!! The Palin comments are so frustrating......

  10. I could not agree more, I too have been so sick over the entire mess in the Gulf and yet for the life of me I cannot even beging to fathom what can be done...except fall into a deeper depression over the whole thing...
    The images are sickening...

  11. Congratulations on #700! You are a wonderful writer and I love reading your thoughts. Your post above (with your two gorgeous boys) melts my heart, too.
    Sending love to you.



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