Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oliver's Oil Gusher5000inator

Oliver recently saw a photo of the leaking oil in the Gulf, and he was horrified. I told him to draw one of his fantastic action photos that showed a solution to the leak. This is what he drew and this is what he told me:
That piece on the left is the pipe that is leaking the bad stuff. A guy with jet packs swims down to the leak and tries to clog it up, but if he doesn't, there is a back-up plan. If he does, the guy above the spill (in the right top corner) will press the big, black button and that will stop all the time-bombs from exploding. If the first guy doesn't clog it up, the whole thing will blow up. That's good because the oil thing will blow up and the submarine will have tools to clean up everything.  The hose squirters at the bottom will take care of the fire when the whole thing explodes. It's special stuff that works in the bottom of the ocean.


  1. I love that he has a back-up plan. Quite amazing.

  2. That plan is about as good as any I've heard to date!

    BTW, I thought of you when I recently read a headline from The Onion a few days ago: "Massive Flow of Bullshit Continues to Gush from BP."

    Yep, thought that'd make you crack a smile.

  3. Found the link online: http://www.theonion.com/articles/massive-flow-of-bullshit-continues-to-gush-from-bp,17564/

  4. Awesome Oliver.Really awesome.

    *And yes,I have to take credit for the bride.Not perfect but about as close to it that you will find.How she came to be part of me,or have a part of me in her,I will never understand.Her kindergarten teacher once remarked that in her 25 years of teaching she had never had a child with the aura that Caitlin possessed.Holds true to this day.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful. words.

  5. Yes! While the big wigs are throwing their hands in the air and pointing at each other, Oliver's got a handle on things.

  6. It's wonderful and reminds me of comedian John Clarke's version of the oil spill. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSujCHfvTb0

  7. may i have this creative genius on my team?

    back up plan, send in oliver's

    "godinator". this might be the devil he was protecting God from.

  8. I was going to say just what Ex-in-the-City says- I LOVE that he has a back-up plan. My friend Kathleen always has a back-up plan for every problem she can imagine, which ensures she sleeps better at night. If only we all did...
    If only BP had...

  9. incredible really.

    and no apology necessary. seriously. I'm thinking you're a little preoccupied.

  10. I'm glad to know that Someone is on the job here



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