Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day, Sort of

I feel sucked dry today. And I know it's Father's Day and I have nothing, nothing but gratitude toward The Husband, the Father to my children. I feel nothing but gratitude, too, toward my own fantastic Father.

But I have nothing to write and actually don't feel like writing.

Here, have a glass of milk and don't think I'm terrible.


  1. Can I just have a martini and love you to pieces?

  2. I'll just have some coffee with soymilk and not think you're terrible! And I think the pressure to blog is one from which a writer must be excused as needed. Silence is sometimes required to make space for the next words. And we both live with the rather unusual influence of our silent daughters. Peace to you today and Father's Day regards to your good husband.

  3. I'm with Ms. Moon--a martini please and I'll make them and we can sit and sip and be quiet.


  4. your people, may i count myself as one?
    understand silence.
    music, compelling by the very spaces in between the notes.
    the teapot, holding refreshment only where the clay has been removed.
    meaning sometimes more abundant between the words.

    what is not there, as important as what is.

    you brighten my moment.

  5. Terrible for not feeling like writing and being sucked dry? Oh, honey!

  6. Well, your last post WAS about saving energy. I see you are simply putting that into practice here today - well done, my dear. I love it when you are YOURSELF, tired, wordless, energetic, impassioned or whatever. And thanks for the milk. It does a body good.
    I love you!

  7. Gratitude trumps a tie any day.

    Milk? Bah

    Give me a margarita and I'll love you forever.

  8. A glass of milk will do. Milk and mother on father's day.

  9. Yes, thanks, pour me one, please. Make that skim.

  10. That's why we come back to your writing. Because it is real. And, as a beginning blogger myself (and someone who is also sometimes sucked dry by the weariness of life with illness), I appreciate the wisdom of not writing when there is nothing to say.

    Here's hoping that refreshment comes your way.

  11. I don't think you are. I think you are awesome.



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