Friday, June 25, 2010

Haiku Friday

Rebecca at recuerda mi corazon has started a Haiku Friday chain. Haiku is not something that I relish reading or writing, actually, but I love Rebecca and, who knows, perhaps it will inspire the dryness I've been feeling lately. I've certainly read beautiful Haiku before but the labor of it eludes me.

Oh, well.

Here's mine:

Waiting and waiting
Things begin and nothing ends
I go mad with it


  1. you have captured my heart,
    and this day.
    (at least we are in good company)

    thank you for your kind acknowledgment.

    what i thought would be an interesting simplicity to share...
    turns out to be a personally very difficult day, and so your voice of haiku, every ones offerings,
    i am applying directly to my heart.
    and more grateful for than i may come close to expressing.

    who know i would need you all so much this day????

    (universe smiling that knowing smile back at me, catches me crying)

  2. My daughter, who can't speak but listens closely, has loved haiku for many years. We have lots of books of haiku, traditional and not. Here's one from Jack Kerouac for you today, Elizabeth.

    Missing a kick
    at the icebox door
    It closed anyway.

  3. Elizabeth- This is wonderfully full, this haiku. Isn't it funny how cutting everything but the bone creates such beauty and can speak such truth?

  4. actually maybe yours and Jack's are more specifically called senyru

  5. That is a brilliant expression of frustration. I hope that things seem better soon.

  6. here even in your madness.

    and my word v is nonna.
    that made me smile

  7. I love your haiku. It's beautiful and profound. Very Elizabeth.

  8. I like that you did even though it's not your thing. Very honest and from the heart. Know that you continue to inspire even though you're feeling "dry." Here is my sister's post today. Note the things that inspire her...

  9. beautiful- and yet another haiku that resonates.



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