Monday, June 21, 2010

The Longest Day of the Year

I forgot about the Solstice.


  1. Beautiful picture but more beautiful than that, is the news from your encounter with Amma.Don't know how I missed that.Must have been buried and hidden well in the post indeed!

    Got to go knock on some wood now.

  2. That's understandable. I don't read newspapers either. Blogs keep me informed about major world events. Including the weather beyond my window.

    You have loads more excuses for your forgetfulness, Elizabeth.

  3. you know, as I noted this on the calendar, more because it was the last pizza day, I thought well, Elizabeth and Ms. Moon, and Allegra and Kathleen.... will no doubt blog about this.

    hugs to you .

  4. Nope, I didn't blog about it. Summer has been here for a good long while and the solstice seemed more formality than anything else.

  5. Solstice always makes me feel kinda sad because it means we are heading back to winter already...maybe not so much of an issue in California...

  6. lovely photograph.

    thanks for your post at hopeful moved me...beyond the longest day of the year.

  7. At least you know what the solstice is. I heard a woman call into a radio show last night. The host asked the woman if she realized it was the longest day of the year. The woman was clueless, hadn't realized there was such a thing.

    I've thrown some salt over my shoulder regarding Sophie and Amma.



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