Friday, June 4, 2010

Yellow Puss


I opened my New York Times reader tonight to this headline:

McDonald’s Recalls Drinking Glasses


  1. Yes, I listened to it this morning on Radio Four. I was hoping to hear something along the lines of 'McDonald's recalls all its outlets'. Oh, well, one has to wait still. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  2. I saw the same story when I opened my Chicago Tribune and remembered your yesterday's post. I was going to pass the information along to you but you are up early and on top of things.


  3. i rushed right over to let you know oliver's puss has been recalled!
    thank goodness you are already on to the dangers of this messy situation.

  4. And in simply trying to create a little fun in your child's life you are poisoning them...
    Well. Think of the olden days when a mother would send her kids out to pick berries and one of them would come home snakebit.
    All right. Those two situations have very little to do with each other. BUT, I'm just saying life is and always has been full of weird, unexpected perils.

  5. Oops. Not much exposure and not the worst thing to happen. Glad you guys had a fun trip to McDonalds. You'll likely remember Puss now.

  6. another round of poison anyone? what is WRONG with us?!?



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