Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I read, somewhere, an admonition that if we meditate, we must practice and not talk about it.

I do a lot of talking about it, and I admit to thinking that isn't that enough?

It's not enough. I do have to practice, find that time to sit, close my eyes and meditate, move into quiet and gratitude.

This morning I was reading blogs and this came up. The bell meditation was profound.


  1. Thank you. I must start doing more of this, instead of just reading and thinking. It's not easy, but that was a lovely piece from the Tao.

  2. I have a very dear friend who has been practicing sitting meditation for most of his life. It is now a part of him and he is very special in many ways.

  3. I learn of such cool stuff from your blog - I'm LOVING the Father what's-his-name daily e-mail you turned me onto!

  4. Fine reminder. I've always loved the feel of the sound of a meditation bowl, how the vibrations seem to come straight at and into the chest. Shakes me loose.

  5. I was directed over to this, and boy did I need to read it. xo



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