Monday, June 28, 2010

June Gloom

Have you ever heard of it? Every morning in June, Los Angeles looks like it is covered with a gray blanket. It's the marine layer, choking back the sun. It's all the more dramatic because of what follows when by some miracle, the blanket is lifted, the skies are brilliant blue and the sun is warm on your face.

Gray, sunny, cloudy, clear, depressing, uplifted, loud, quiet, well, unwell -- each is defined by and necessary to the other.

Good morning, Monday.


  1. Oh how we know you well June gloom.Seems to hang on a bit longer up our way,being closer to the ocean by that much.

    Your description mirrors life on so many days as well,doesn't it?

  2. Never heard of it. Mmmmm. We have something of the opposite. Days here times time of year start out beautiful and clear and as the afternoon progresses, the storm clouds come in. If we are lucky, we get rain and it cools down a bit. Saves our lives, those rains.

  3. I love the cooling fog, except for driving when it's so thick that visibility is near zero. Especially liked the quality of light on foggy San Francisco days that made certain colors pop, downright psychedelic, and softened other shades to delicacies reminiscent of Paris in the winter. Coastal fog can feel quite gentling and friendly, like the ocean's aura.

  4. we have it here too - but it hasn't been burning off until around 5 pm - trying not to complain - your contrasting words help with that

  5. “Now I want to have some land areas here, land areas that come right out like that, so we put some dark in, only so our light will show. You have to have dark in order to show light. Just like in life, if you don't have a little sadness in your life, you don't know when the happy times are coming. There. Now ...”

    –Bob Ross, 1991



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