Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Tree worth climbing and other stuff

I downloaded this image from the Center for Contemplative Mind.  I'd like to first climb up to the Stillnesses Practice branch and then perhaps swing down to the Movement Practices. I'd hang out there a bit before climbing back up to the activist practices branch and then swing down off of that into the generative practices branch.

How about you?

Here's a site with a free, downloadable cookbook. And the recipes look beautiful. And did I tell you that it's free? And beautiful? Click here.


  1. Uh- where's the drinking branch?
    Just kidding, just kidding.
    You are a much more spiritually evolved woman than I am, dear Elizabeth.

  2. That's a nice cooking site. Alas, it's so hard for me to find good ideas for the weird low, low, low fat diet I'm struggling with... oh, olive oil! Butter!

  3. Love this tree. Thank you for posting it.

  4. Oh Mrs. Moon, do you live close enough to drop by for a gin and tonic?
    Just kidding. Just kidding.
    What a lovely tree, Elizabeth.

  5. I might possibly get stuck on the lower branches: Journaling, contemplative art, story telling and dialogue. I might move on to movement and stillness practices eventually, but I would definitely come back down again for the art and story telling.

    That's just me though.

    I would like to raise a point to Ms. Moon though: There is no more or less spiritually evolved. We are all where we need to be and we all work in the greater plan. We are all perfect, none better than the other and the only time anything that you do would be a problem is when it hurts someone else, yourself (like an addiction) or when you are forced to live in a way that you yourself are not happy with. Other than that, whatever you do is right for you and therefore, perfect.

  6. i would love to read an oliver haiku.

    coupled with a drawing..

    from his capable hands.

    that's the branch i am hanging on.

  7. reminds me of climbing the apple tree with a good book tucked under my arm - I could spend hours up there on that branch .....

  8. I'll see you on the Stillness branch.

  9. What a cool post! And a gift to your friends. Sounds like a spiritual practice to me.

    Thank you. I'm happy.



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