Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Archery

right through my heart


  1. Please tell me it's okay that I want to force your sons to sit on my lap so I can kiss those beautiful cheeks. I know they'd hate it but I sure wish I could. Or at least show them my chickens and make them some cookies. Or something.
    And I would love to sit with your daughter and hold her hand and maybe sing to her for a bit. Silly songs. I think it would be more crooning than singing. I think it would be for me more than Sophie.

  2. Ms. Moon -- Of course you can kiss their beautiful cheeks. And they would love to see your chickens and help you in your garden -- they're actually quite good workers!

    M: I have family in St. Louis -- hence the Cardinals tee-shirt. And no, they weren't really aiming at anything in that photo although they did have a wonderful time shooting a target earlier!

  3. And through mine. Your children are so beautiful it hurts. A good hurt. I think they have very good genes.

  4. Oh, I love it! I know where that archery set came from! Jude was SO jealous.

  5. My boys loved archery, graduated to those humungous bows. Horrors! And it was amazing to watch them practice nailing hay bales with them.

    Yes, those are pretty cute/handsome boys! And I like your "Sunday" series.


  6. You've noticed your children are stunning right?
    and there expression , their exuberance, always give me goosebumps. They shine love.

  7. Thanks for the Monday morning smiles. I needed that. xx

  8. Slightly off topic...Yeats for breakfast - could I BE any happier? Though I am old with wandering, through hollow lands and hilly lands...may I offer my wishes for all you seek for your daughter. Congratulations on your 700th posting.



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