Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Things

The weather is astounding -- blue skies and cool breezes, warm sun and purple blossoms floating around. I don't know why I ever didn't live here.

Since Sophie was hugged by Amma, we have been applying sandalwood paste (made from a stick of sandalwood that Amma blessed) to her head each night before she goes to bed. She has had five fantastic days, free of seizures. Now that I've written that out, please knock wood three times, spit on the ground or do whatever it is you do if you're superstitious.

I applied for a fellowship today the details of which I won't bore you, but I filled out a seventeen page application and spent hours and hours on it. I then LOST THE FILE. Superstitiously or perhaps fatalistically, I decided that I couldn't possibly redo it and therefore it wasn't meant to be. I went out to lunch with my good friend D. who is also a computer genius.


Please notice how I buried the news about Sophie in the middle of this blog post. That's how superstitious I am. You can comment all you like, though. 

***Just in case, you're wondering -- the IVIG treatment for Sophie has not been approved, yet, by the insurance company. We're still waiting --


  1. I knocked on wood. Sophie's a winner already! I'm such a computer dinosaur that I'd like to take your friend out to lunch!


  2. i knocked on wood

    hooray for blue skies :)

  3. FIVE DAYS! I do understand about feeling superstitious - it comes with the territory of severe chronic illness. So great to have a day of (or an hour of) relief - then it continues; then you begin to wonder how long it will continue.... but I pray it never ends for Sophie. And I'm thankful for the blue skies and cool breezes and warm sun and purple blossoms and seizure free days that you have been blessed with NOW.

    And hurray for computer geniuses!

    And boo for insurance companies in general. Hope you get approved soon.

  4. Five days!! I am knocking wood as I type. And spitting. Fabulous.

  5. truly good news on all fronts. I'm knocking on wood, rubbing my lucky rabbits foot (fake, and a really cool color), and tossing salt over my left shoulder (I hear that works if you spill salt).

  6. thank goodness amma and sandlewood paste so not have to wait for insurance approval.

    i am loving this "amma-ness" in your lives.

    love to you all,

  7. That is FANTASTIC news!!


  8. done of course,

    and the fellowship detail wouldn't bore me.

    and I could use some of that blue sky therapy today.

  9. I am knocking on wood. I spit at a cat and threw salt over my shoulder.

    I love good news :)

  10. Whatever works is a very good thing.

  11. I knocked on wood too. There are too many miracles in the this world to ignore. And even "just" five days seizure-free is one of them.
    Human touch- miracle in and of itself.
    I love you, Elizabeth.

  12. Hooray for Sophie! Hooray for computer-genius friends! Hooray for your weather! I knocked on wood 3 times for you.

  13. Bless Amma and bless Sophie and bless you. The best news in quite some time.

    AND about your fellowship application!

  14. I'm thrilled to hear about Sophie -- and I'm eager to hear about your fellowship! I'm so glad your friend found the file. Keep us posted on Sophie. xo

  15. When I read about Amma in the L.A. Times, I just knew you and Sophie would be there.
    Five amazing days.
    LOVE to you and Sophie and the husband and your boys.



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